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India's First Steel Road

India’s first steel Road

Diamond City of India, Surat to get a road that is made out of steel waste. One of the best example of sustainable development. Built by Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India with CSIR India (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) & CRRI (Central Road Research Institute) along with the government think tank NITI Aayog. The road was constructed entirely of 100 percent processed steel slag. Steel slag is regarded as a waste product of Iron and steel Industries. Steel slag a major source of concern for the steel industry.  

Steel slag is mainly used to landfills but it has a lot of potential as a natural construction material substitute. The trial project is a one-kilometre road with six lanes. So far, the path has proven to be reliable. Every day, almost 1,000 trucks, weighing between 18 and 30 tonnes, drive along the steel road.

Steel plants across the country produce millions of tonnes of steel waste each year, which is disposed of in landfills. This is one of the new initiative to make use of slag in eco- friendly manner.

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