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Pluto is alive! Scientists confirm volcanoes of ice erupting on surface

A new study now hints at mysterious volcanoes of ice being spotted on the surface, the likes of which are not seen anywhere else in the solar system.

Pluto is alive

The team of astronomers from the New Horizons mission has detected a region of large domes and rises flanked by hills and mounds. The Scientist suggests that a subsurface water-rich ocean could potentially persist on Pluto existing nearly 100-200km or more below the surface of Pluto. The New Horizons mission had imaged a region dominated by two large mounds known as Wright Mons and Piccard Mon, which is now believed to be cryovolcanoes.

These cryovolcanoes are young geologic terrains and large amounts of material were required to create them, it is possible that Pluto’s interior structure retained heat into the relatively recent past, enabling water-ice-rich materials to be deposited onto the surface.

New Horizons mission

The New Horizons mission was launched by Nasa in 2006, the same year Pluto was downgraded to dwarf status. It is the only spacecraft to explore Pluto and its moon after it reached in2015.

The detailed images were obtained from the New Horizons mission in 2015, revealing diverse geological features populating Pluto, including mountains, valleys, plains, and glaciers. The terrain raised curiosity among scientists because since discovery of Pluto it is considered to be inactive due to its distant from the Sun and its size.

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